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Based in Los Angeles, Alysha is a writer, director, and producer with a focus in comedy. She's the creator and host of a recurring standup comedy show called BIPOCalypse, a show dedicated to BIPOC comedians. 

From Manchester, NH she proudly represents her unique identity as a first-generation queer bi-racial filmmaker of Nigerian descent. After graduating from Simmons University, she earned a masters degree in film and TV production from the University of Southern California. Since then she's worked for Disney, HBO, Amazon Studios, Partizan, and MACRO. 

Her accolades include: Audience Award at the ABFF Comedy Festival 2021 for Club Beige  & 1st place at the Jack Oakie Comedy Film Festival 2018 for Finding Negro.

Outside of comedy, Alysha's interested in philanthropy, wellness, and eating plantain chips while watching Insecure.

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